Drumroll, please!

Grades are in, and…

A- in both spring classes! Woohoo!

On to the next one! Applied research with one of my favorite professors. This is going to be a great semester and I’m really looking forward to this one (not really for the research, but this professor could teach a 15-week course about rocks and I would still find it fascinating).

I’m still amazed that I’m even in graduate school… let alone my second semester (and I already scheduled my fall classes)! It seems so unreal. I am both excited and terrified about this journey.

Enjoying my free time catching up on Shameless and hanging out with family, but hopefully starting my new home care adventure this week. Money is really tight (that grad school life) and my financial aid is held captive by the state for a few weeks, and ya girl has to pay her rent and car payments. I’m also looking forward to getting to know this client and her family. That’s absolutely my favorite part of nursing!

Got a new bullet journal to help me stay organized among all of the chaos. I have one I’ve been working on for a while, but I really wanted the kind with the grid dots so my husband got me one.


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