Summer Break is Near

I’ve completed one of my classes! Not sure of my overall grade yet though, since I just submitted my final synthesis paper yesterday. I actually enjoyed that class, as the assignments were diverse and interesting, but I’m glad it’s over and I’m ready to move on.

As for my other class, I am submitting my quality improvement paper today and working on the power point for it tonight. The power point gets presented on Thursday in class. Then, after class, I’m DONE with my first semester of graduate school! Woohoo!

I get a few days of summer break before I start my summer class (which is research). I didn’t really enjoy my research class in undergrad, so hopefully this time around it won’t be so bad. I foresee many more papers in my future (-silently cries-).

In addition to completing lots of school work, I’ve been trying to spend some time doing things I enjoy. I’ve been trying new recipes at home (fathead pizza dough is AMAZING, by the way), spending lots of time with family, and trying to catch up with chores around the house and outside (those darn weeds…). I want to start doing embroidery while I watch my Netflix shows, that I would like to sell on Etsy someday for fun. I am probably starting a new job either this week or next week in home care that I’ve been trying to get into since February.


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