Group Projects Part 2

From the title, you could guess that I have even more group projects going on. I sure do, and I still very much dislike them. Especially when my partner isn’t a team player. Anyway, we passed the project and that’s what matters, right?

Now I’m on my third and final group project for the semester. This one is another paper. My partner is very good at communicating with me and has been doing his fair share of the work (and in a timely matter, too… wow!).

In addition to this group paper, I have one other paper to write based on a book we have to read and one more power point (both individual projects, thankfully). I also have an open book final exam. I’ve been busy trying to catch up on reading and listening to lectures. I admit, I’ve been slacking a little bit lately.

Tomorrow I am visiting a local elementary school to do a quick lesson on how to stay safe this summer as part of my community service project. My friend is a teacher there and has graciously allowed me to come and chat with her students. It’s been a while since I’ve been in front of a group, especially younger people, so I am a bit nervous (but also excited).

I am all registered for my only summer class – research – which begins a week after I finish my spring classes at the end of June.

I got my fingerprints done for my NJ nursing license late last week, so hopefully I can start doing private duty care soon. I’ve heard mixed things about how long it takes to process a license endorsement, but hopefully it won’t be more than three or four weeks. I also need to start looking into continuing education, since those credits are due in October and come fall, I’m going to be super busy with three classes and two part-time jobs.

In my personal life, I’ve been spending weekends finishing up my training for Crisis Text Line, as well as hanging out with old friends. Since a trip to the beach isn’t going to work out, my husband and I will be doing a camping trip at the end of June with some family. I am also planning on going out to Utah in August to shadow a PMHNP, which I am SUPER excited for!


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